First of all, I want to extend my appreciation to all our residents for graciously dealing with some of the inconveniences some of you are enduring due to the noise and loss of guest and assigned parking.

To alleviate the loss of parking, the association has negotiated with our neighbors at Club Atlantis valet parking. Residents who have lost their parking spaces have already been notified that they may park at Club Atlantis. If you lost your parking space and have not heard from the association, please contact the office.

When work started on the post tension cables in the driveway, some tests were ordered by the engineer. Results showed that the post tensioning cables from the parking concrete slab had a low PSI. For this reason, work on the slab had to stop so additional tests may be conducted. These test results were included on the email sent to you and are saved for your preview on this website under I.Contracts and Transactions\40 YEAR RECERTIFICATION\THORNTON MASETTI\PLANS and SCOPE OF JOBS\Driveway Concrete Slab

Immediately, upon being notified of the test results the board decided to have the entire parking entrance redone. Thornton Tomasetti provided us with pricing to oversee and to prepare a scope of work to send out to contractors for pricing. Since the Board found their pricing steep, they are negotiating with them at the moment a lower price. In the meantime, we have reached out to eight additional engineering firms to quote us on the job. Their deadline to submit their bids is March 10.

Once we choose the engineer for the parking entrance, the request for proposals based on that engineer’s calculations, plans and scope will be sent out to general contractors. AG is one of the General Contractors being considered.

In addition, AG took eight samples from the parking slabs adjacent that will be sent to the lab, once we negotiate these tests price.

There are five roofing companies resubmitting their bids with the revised specs provided by our engineer. Their deadline is March 10. We are also diligently putting together two more requests for bids for work by others related to the roofing replacement project: mobilization of AC units on the roof and electrical work.

This project is given highest priority since specifically the small building needs a new roof as soon as possible.

Panels of the 19th floor were replaced. Now we are completing the 4th floor roof panels as well as the Clubhouse’s boxes facing Miami Beach Drive will be replaced. Our electrician notified me that he will close the 40 Year recertification open permit for needed repairs by March 15th.

BASEMENT With the replacement of the parking driveway slab, anything to do with the ceiling of the basement takes a back seat, however, AG is working on completing the South and West walls next to Jasmine Condo. They already finished with the Jasmine garden wall and the South Wall of our basement were finalized waterproofing. They are on the last lap of that area: the west wall of the parking garage.

The High Tower and Clubhouse were completed. Only remaining sections are at the small building where they are currently working on the units facing Collins Avenue and, from there the only item that remains to be done is line 19 and the walls around the hydraulic small elevator area.

Lines 08, 09 and 10 are still being worked on. Line 8 is ready now for waterproofing’s product’s layer application as well as top waterproofing paint application. We expect to finish before the end of March so, please, I advise the residents and owners of lines 1, 2 and 3 to start planning the removal of every article in their balconies very soon.

I will be away on vacation next week, however the office will remain open with Layda at her desk and Lina, your Association’s Treasurer, will also be at the office in order to assist everyone while I am not at OFPC.

Your condo administration and the Board of Directors will continue their efforts to ensure that Oceanfront Plaza continues to be the star of the neighborhood. Thanks,

Belinda Behar, LCAM
Licensed CAM since 2006