Below and attached is a progress report to give you an update on the work

TT was on site on April 19, 20 and 21 to inspect the balconies, the cracks at the pool lounge overhang and the basement ceiling probes at the Post Tensioning.

The following was observed:

The portion of the overhang that exhibited cracking was partially demolished by the contractor, additionally we observed the following:

The steel reinforcement was completely rusted out,
we are now inspecting the structural conditions of the large overhang on top of the lounge entrance door.
The part that was demolished needs to be rebuilt either in kind or in some other type of light weight material.
We will further study the existing conditions and advise asap on recommended repair procedures.

upon entering the apartments it was observed that some terrace doors had improperly attached and/or loose insect screen. These insect screen should be removed. In case of strong storm the screens can fly away causing an hazard to the public.
Some balcony have stones/pebbles as decorative elements. Stones on balconies are not allowed by code. They too can fly away in case of strong storms and represent an hazard to the public.
Some balcony had loose tiles not attached to the floor. Loose tiles are not allowed by code. They too can fly away in case of strong storms and represent an hazard to the public.
At one location it was observed that the interior flooring is at the same height of the exterior flooring on the balcony. This condition is not allowed by code, interior flooring should be at least 1/2″ higher than exterior.
It was observed at areas where tiles were missing that the waterproofing was either compromised or completely gone. This issue will be further inspected once we remove the tiles.
The investigation of the balconies is still ongoing and we will issue an updated report as soon as it is completed.

AG performed some more probes at locations indicated by TT. It was observed that the metal conduits embedded in the concrete were completed rusted out at these locations. These conduits are also immediately below the post tensioning. TT is still investigating the conditions of the Post Tensioning and we will advise further as soon as we gather more information and data. TT recommends to remove the rusted metal conduits from the concrete slab, and install new on the outside of the slab.

Massimiliano Voto PE RA FMPC