Sat, 23 Apr at 07:22

Thornton Tomasetti re-inspected the lounge pool overhang after AG contractor completed the partial demolition of the front overhang.

The front overhang exhibited similar issues observed on the side overhang, these issues include:

Corroded reinforcing steel with substantial section loss
Concrete cracks at the remaining section of the front overhang.

Based on the above observation it is Thornton Tomasetti’s professional opinion that the front overhang appears to be structurally unstable

and for this reason this area should be immediately shored and the lounge should be closed to the public.

Thornton Tomasetti will instruct AG contractor to do additional probing at the front overhang to determine the extent of damage.

The probing will consist in removing selected areas of the front overhang’s stucco ceiling.

Thornton Tomasetti will re-visit the site on Monday April 25, 2022.

Massimiliano Voto PE RA FMPC

Vice President

Professional Civil/Structural Engineer – NY State

Registered Architect – Italy

Fenestration Master Professional Certification – AAMA FGIA

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