Dear unit owners,

Please access the Thornton Tomasetti subfolder under 40 Year Re-Certification file in OFP’s website. You will find there the latest report from our engineers. It encompasses their report on Post Tension (PT) cables review. The area on this report is the Basement Garage.

We have just engaged a GPR company recommended by Thornton Tomasetti. They will locate all PT cables at the lobby slab and mark them so the contractors will do probes at basement ceiling to verify if there are any more damaged PT cables. So far two locations were identified.

On a separate matter, the engineers are planning to perform a probe at several balcony tiles to check the conditions of the slab and waterproofing. Thornton Tomasetti will provide the Association with the locations for these balconies and the Association will then contact the unit owners in order to obtain their authorization for the test that will require removal of tiles in order to complete their test.

Rest assured that when there is further information, membership will receive it via email and on this Association’s website.

Thank you for your understanding and patience enduring so much noise and dust. It is worth the sacrifice!


Belinda Behar, LCAM