The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. Three (3) of the five (5) Board members (Teresa Vilar “Tere”, Bonnie Ramos, Al Gross), along with Manager Belinda Behar (“Belinda”), were present, therefore, a quorum was met. Additionally, Massi Voto (“Massi”), our engineer of record for the 40-year project, was also present.
A reading of the minutes from the previous meeting was conducted.
First on the agenda was a statement about the status of the Elevator Modernization Permit. Specifically, we have not been able to get the permit yet, because the inspector requires a “split” of the automatic transfer switch. One should be for the pump system, and one should be for the elevators. When the Association bid this project out, the only one that submitted a reasonable bid was Circle Generator, who has been servicing the building’s generators regularly. This company recommended the contracting of an engineer to guide the project. Coastal Elevator recommended Empire as a good provider of engineering services. The Association hired them, but unfortunately they have not been able to get permits, though over a year has passed. CMB is insisting on the replacement of some of the equipment, which would come with a price tag of $84,000. We are now in the process of seeking out a contractor that could do the additional work for less than this very high amount.
Massi suggested that the proper course of action is to hire the engineer first to determine the scope of work, and then find the contractor.
Gabriel Cano brought up the fact that our elevator operating permit has expired. Belinda responded by saying that we have currently been paying monthly for a temporary permit.
Further questions were asked about alternative courses of action, all of which have been considered by the Association.
Otto Ramos was given the floor to explain that the requirement by CMB to split the switch is a new requirement.
Next on the agenda was the matter of the bicycle room. Currently, the room is completely full due to additional bike use from residents. Belinda has proposed stricter rules on the condition of bikes kept. In addition, owners that have rented their units should not be allowed to keep bikes in the bike room.
Currently, keys to the bike room are sold to individuals and stickers are issued without which a bike cannot be kept. Stickers are checked periodically and bikes that don’t have them are removed.
Massi suggested that bicycle room space should be expanded, or moved to another space. In addition, dampness in the room is prone to produce mold.
The next item on the agenda was the project of installing impact glass for the clubhouse windows. We are awaiting the arrival of materials.
Tere and Massi also mentioned that we are awaiting a proposal from the concrete restoration contractor about a group rate for the installation of impact glass on the balconies of units that still don’t have them.
The next item was an announcement of the Construction Committee’s first meeting. The minutes of their meeting was posted to the web site.
Next Massi was given the floor to review the status of the 40-year re-certification process.
Massi informed us that inspections were made and areas that need work were marked. They are now in the demolition phase. When the south entrance was demolished, they found a lot of water, and they are not certain what the source is. The damage is extensive, so Massi recommends testing. Unfortunately, this would include inspection of the neighboring condo building’s property. This may involve legal action. This situation must be examined further to determine the best and lowest cost course of action. Ground water may also be an issue that requires some course of action.
Additionally, the roof of the building next door slopes towards our building, which is another source of water.
Massi warned that the project will likely go over budget, and will likely require a permit extension.
A motion was then made to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded. All were in favor and the motion was carried. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.