The meeting was called to order at 12:19 PM.

All three Construction Committee (“CC”) members (Michael Mandell (“MM”), Betina Mario (“BM”), and Marisol Arboleda-Diaz (“MD”), along with Building Manager Belinda Behar (“BB”), were present, therefore a quorum was met. Additionally, the meeting was attended by Alberto Diaz (704), Jason Rodriguez (1808) and via Zoom: Rosa Maria Ledesma (703), Gabriel and Damari Cano (1704), Ed Selinger (1710) and Saul Suarez (1810).

The first order of business was discussion of waterproofing and tile removal on the balconies.

BM noted that it would be helpful to get a summary overview from AG Contractors (“AG”) and Thornton Tomasetti (“TT”) regarding the status of the balcony analysis. She noted that it is difficult to know where they are in the process based on the current information the CC has received, and a timeline should be provided to all unit owners at this point.

MD commented that a uniform process needs to be established by the Board regarding materials and installation for balcony tiles. MD commented that tile installation can safely be done using specific materials for the balcony. Both Sika and Tremco manufacture waterproofing materials which are compatible with tile. The specified materials and installation specifications should be included in the scope of work to be drafted by the Board. To ensure proper installation, the scope of work needs to require that installation is only done by a contractor certified by the product manufacturer.

MM raised a number of questions in regards to tile removal related to the ongoing 40-year re-certification. He suggested that the Board consult with counsel to understand the rights of the Association regarding any tile removal request.
As part of the ongoing façade restoration, Alberto Diaz suggested that all balconies should be inspected for necessary repairs.

A motion was made to make the following recommendation to the Board: The Board of Directors of Oceanfront Plaza should draft a process for the installation of tile on condominium balconies. The process needs to include the execution (installation to be done by a contractor certified by the manufacturer), waterproofing materials (Sika and Tremco), and require installation to be done in compliance with the City of Miami Beach. The motion was seconded. All were in favor and the motion was passed.

Gabriel Cano noted concerns regarding proposed changes to the 40 and 50-year re-certification guidelines. He mentioned safety concerns regarding our balcony railings, which the City may require us to change. Gabriel suggested we update our railings as part of the ongoing work in the building, and we shouldn’t wait until a rule is passed required us to change our railings, which are currently out of code. Lastly, he recommended that the Board research any proposed legislative changes to the 40 and 50-year re-certification requirements to ensure we remain compliant.
Next on the Agenda was the discussion of building painting. BB conveyed a message from the Board that this is outside the scope of the Construction Committee and should not be discussed at this meeting.

MM asked BB if the reserves for painting have been used for the current AG painting patchwork on the façade. BB confirmed that current AG painting related façade repairs is coming out of the 40-year special assessment and not the painting reserves.

Next on the Agenda is the discussion around the project schedule for the 40-year re-certification.

MM noted that a project budget and schedule should be created and shared with all owners. Now that we are a few months into the project, it would be helpful for unit owners to understand how far along we are in the project, how much money we have spent from the Special Assessment, and anticipated timeline based on the current findings.
BM noted that although there has been a lot of communication regarding individual steps and findings, there has not been an analysis and overview of how advanced the project is completed and how much money we have spent so far. Regarding budget, the Board needs to communicate how much funding they anticipate will be needed and how it will be funded (use of reserves, additional assessment, etc.).

Ed Selinger noted his concerns for the waterproofing damage on the balconies, and suggested that all waterproofing should be replaced.

A motion was made to make the following recommendation to the Board: The Board of Directors of Oceanfront Plaza should provide a detailed report to unit owners detailing the project completion to date (what has been done, how much is left to be done), and how much of the budget has been used (how much money is left from the special assessment, and what is the anticipated additional budget needed to complete the project). Scenarios can be used for the report (worst case and conservative scenarios).

No additional business was raised. A motion was made to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded. All were in favor and the motion was passed. The meeting was adjourned at 1:16 PM.