Dear Members of the Association,

We realized this morning that tomorrow’s meeting posting on displays did not go through when it was uploaded, due to a glitch in the system. The board of directors is going ahead and confirming this as an emergency meeting that must take place as originally scheduled and informed originally by word of mouth to many of our associates. We apologize for this small irregularity. Thanks.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Board of Directors Meeting will be held on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7TH, 2023 AT 7:00 P.M. in the Recreation Room 2nd Floor, located at 2625 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33140.


1. Certifying Quorum – Call to order
2. Certifying Notice of Meeting
3. Reading and Approval of Minutes of Prior Meeting
4. Unfinished Business:
• Presentation by AG on status of 40 Year Recertification Project.
• Impact windows amendment – Proxies count.
5. New Business:
• Status of Roofing Project.
• Dissolution of Construction Committee
• Fining Procedures and Committee
6. Adjournment.

February 5, 2023

Teresa Vilar, President