NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Board of Directors Meeting will be held on WEDNESDAY, MAY 18TH, 2022 AT 7:00 P.M. in the Recreation Room 2nd Floor, located at 2625 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33140.
1. Certifying Quorum – Call to order
2. Certifying Notice of Meeting
3. Reading and Approval of Minutes of Prior Meeting
4. Old and New Business:
• Association Auto Charger Presentation by Director Dr. Mereos:
o Location Options
o Request by unit owner for individual unit charger installation
o Proposals Presented to Association
o Review of bids for Auto Charger Company and Electrical Installation Contractor.
• Board Resolutions:
▪ Tiles on Balconies, Official Resolution on Protocol
▪ Clubhouse Overhang Resolution to Rebuild or Remove
▪ Jasmine Condominium – Procedure to Address Planter and Waterproofing Resolution.
▪ Update on Status of Next Special Assessment and Loan with Popular Bank.
• Report to the Board by Engineer:
o Impacts Bulk Installation Status
o Façade and Concrete Restorations Status
o Engineer’s Report and Recommendations
• Report by Construction Committee
• President’s Report about Developer Approach to Association Regarding Property Purchase Offer.
5. Adjournment.
May 16, 2022

Teresa Vilar, President
Oceanfront Plaza CAI is inviting you to attend also via our scheduled Zoom Meeting:
ID: 893 5125 7495
Passcode: 206546 Posted on 05/16/2022