The meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM. 4 of the 5 Board members (Teresa Vilar “Tere”, Lina Blanco, Betina Cavalheiro, Al Gross), along with Manager Belinda Behar (“Belinda”), were present, therefore, a quorum was met. A reading of the minutes from the previous meeting was waived.
First on the agenda was Unfinished Business, starting with a presentation by three members of AG Contractors (“AG”) on the current status of the 40-year recertification work.
AG made the following summary points:
• Façade: The large building is completed. The small building is nearly completed, and is expected to be completed in 30 days.
• Balconies: Largely completed lines 8, 9, 10.
• Jasmin: The part that is on location at Jasmin condos has been completed. The part that is taking place inside the basement garage is being conducted.
• Driveway: Core samples were taken. And instructions are being awaited from the engineer. The core sample showed a very low strength compared to “industry standard.” [NOTE (April 16, 2023): Later core samples showed that the original core sample was an anomaly, and that the driveway is stronger than what the initial sample indicated.]
Marisol was given the floor and expressed her concern that the low core sample strength is potentially indicative that the concrete used in the initial construction of this building was “watered down” and that it may be necessary to test several additional samples and potentially incur the cost of more significant projects. However, the engineer’s opinion would be required to confirm this.
Unfortunately, taking additional samples will delay the opening of Guest Parking for a few more weeks. Tere asked for the patience of all owners while this is being done. In the meantime, we should prepare by soliciting bids for additional engineering work should it be required.
Michael suggested that, given the potential that our current projects could expand, a project manager may be beneficial.
Belinda noted that we have to close the violation to get the building certified.
Additionally, roof bids are being solicited and will be presented at an open meeting within the next few weeks.
Fausto (#1604), an owner who is helping us with our insurance, was given the floor. He opined that our insurance rates may double. We are pursuing a contract with Citizens, and we need to provide documentation on our 40-year and roofing projects. Citizens has been rejecting buildings whose progress they deem inadequate.
Tere proposed cancelling the motion to dissolve the Construction Committee, and adding at least one more member to assist with more future projects. Tere suggested Amarylis (#510) join the committee.
Tere asked Fausto if an insurance claim can be made for any potential faults in the original construction of Guest Parking.
Fausto first commented that Jasmin installed their planters without a permit, which potentially could support a claim made by the Association. Then he answered the question by saying that we can file a claim, since little justification is initially required. However, if it’s found that our main problem is just deterioration over time, it may not be covered. Since our existing insurer is cancelling our coverage, there is less risk in filing a claim.
One unit owner brought up the recent electrical outage in the building. The company installing our fiber damaged some equipment: a connection to the emergency panel. However, we have since had those issues fixed. Including the problems caused to the elevators.
Michael brought up a $2000 overdraft of the operating account, and wondered if there would be a report explaining why it happened. Belinda explained that she is talking to our accountant about it, and that there are some cash flow issues that must be re-evaluated this year.
The next item being discussed was the amendment to require all units upgrade to impact glass. Betina expressed concern that passing an amendment that is not legally required would leave the Association vulnerable to anyone who voted in favor because they though it was a legal requirement.
It should be noted that a vote is only required if the work is not essential. If the engineer refuses to sign off on the 40-year without all units being upgraded, then a vote may not be required.
Currently, we are short 50 votes for the amendment to pass.
Sylvia noted that on March 23 there is a special magistrate meeting, and wondered who would be representing the Association. Tere mentioned that our engineer and contractor would be there. Tere and Belinda also both offered to attend if necessary.
Tere mentioned the establishment of a Fining Committee. And asked for 3 volunteers. The Committee would mediate between the Association and any unit owner on whom a fine is imposed. Amarylis was asked to join, as was Norma Luaces. A third volunteer could not be found, so the establishment of the committee was tabled until the next meeting.
A motion was then made to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded. All were in favor and the motion was carried. The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM.