Thursday, March 5, 2020
We are asking residents and businesses north of Lincoln Road, including the Town of Surfside and Bal Harbour Village, to heed a voluntary water reduction for the next 24 hours in order to reduce the amount of water that enters the wastewater system. This request is as a result of Jaffer Well Drilling contractors hitting a 42-inch wastewater force main on Michigan Avenue, just north of Lincoln Road on Monday. The break has been causing increased flows throughout the remainder of the system, and this morning there was a 30-inch wastewater force main rupture at 28 Street and Pine Tree Drive.
The wastewater piping that cracked today is used to pump untreated wastewater for treatment and disposal. The break does not affect the water supply. The water is safe to drink, but the city is asking residents and businesses to please limit water use — to reduce wastewater flow to prevent further damage.
Actions residents and businesses should take include:
  • Limit clothes washing
  • Limit the use of automatic dishwashers
  • Limit toilet flushing
  • Limit the duration of showers
It is necessary to restrict water use only for the period required to fix the wastewater piping, and city crews have already begun to make repairs. An advisory will be issued when the repairs are completed so normal water use can resume.