Dear Unit Owners,


The year 2021 is about to close.  So far, these, below is a list of projects and matters that impacted our property this year. Some project are completed, some are still going on, however you should be informed of them before we face a new year full of ongoing challenges and new goals.

40 Year Re-certification: Almost all electrical work is completed at unit and common areas level. The structural concerns that were raised after the tragedy in Surfside, prompted us to reconsider our selection of Engineering Companies and Thornton Tomasetti offered us the best deal for the most prestigious firm. Inspectors Engineers liaison was terminated and we signed TT. The permit is already open and wheels are spinning getting AG Contractors to commence work starting 2022. Funding so far, this year has come from the special assessment collected and it is approximately $41,000

Elevators Modernization: The permit for the small hydraulic elevator was closed this year; however we have not yet closed the traction elevators permit because there is work with the ATS of the generator that is pending plans approval by the City of Miami Beach.  They met this week with the subcontractor in charge of this job and are working now to expedite opening that permit. As soon as it is open, they will commence and we will shortly be able to complete the whole project.  So far this year, we have funded from the elevator modernization account about $47,000.

Impact Windows on Small Building Elevator Lobby: Floors 2nd, 3rd and 4th show now the new windows.  The total costs of this project were $10,439.

Clubhouse refurbishing: New wall art, a brand new counter-top, reinforcement to existing furniture, new area rugs, light fixtures, plants and re-upholstery of all cushions were accomplished in record time to a new fresh look for just about $10,065.89.

New impact door facing Miami Beach Drive: The old door was replaced.  Permit is closing as soon as a last connection to the alarm panel is completed by our Fire Alarm contractor in the following days. Once this is completed, we will be ready to close that permit. Up to now, the cost has been $4,844.55.

17th Floor Mold Restoration work on hallway wall: Earlier this year, due to problems with the AC ducts that were letting condensation sip inadvertently, we arrange for tests and extensive repairs in order to eliminate the problem. Several contractors had to be involved, from tests, demolishing, treatment, duct repairs, walls replacement and finishing paint. This emergency repair cost altogether $17,128.62.

Replacement to PVC of partial cast iron pluvial drain pipes in the Basement:  Cast Iron has a lifespan of about this building’s age.  We realized it when those big pipes started to show cracks and leak during heavy pouring.  Cost of materials have hurt everyone tremendously, not only OFP. This year alone we had the emergency and had to replace many pipes sections to a final cost of $25,394.82.

Roofs repairs: Although the insurance reimbursed the association, there are still $9519 spent on repairs so far out of pocket.  Once the 40 Year project is completed, the roof will be our next big project.  We have reserves to substantially fund; however in the future we may have to decide on a small special assess to complete costs.

Air Conditioning: Besides duct work and a motor fan that had to be replaced, as well as a custom made metal cover to the 19th floor units to prevent condensation, we had to replace  the units in the Recreation Room, the Clubhouse and the Lobby. Funding that mostly came from Reserves represented $26,815.50 so far.

Domestic Water Pump: Back in May, one of our two pumps broke and had to be replaced. Its cost was $6000.

Beach Walk Landscaping – With the opening of the Beach-walk, the City of Miami Beach added to our landscaping burden strict requirements towards trimming the hedges.  They now even require the services of a licensed authorized arborist to take care of overseeing the landscaping company! This added cost amounted this year to $4,255

Fire Sprinkler System Repair – Emergency replacement of a U-Bolt water-flow switch amounted to $4,093

Elevators Repairs- This year we had a couple of emergencies out of warranty that reached a cost to OFP of $4,835

Expansion Joints at Basement Garage – A deal was obtained to offset the problem with tide water sipping up on the parking garage floor. For now it is contained after a job that cost us $4,075.

Other small improvements and repairs totaling a little over $16,000 were attended to as well.  They were:

  • New Christmas Decoration
  • New screen on Front Desk to show packages due pickup
  • New logo elevators mats
  • Waxing of all laundry room floors
  • Repairs to the pool water heaters
  • Three new umbrellas with spare covers
  • Repairs to the North back gate to the gazebo area
  • Repairs to the Key-fob entry system to beach gate
  • A new office computer for the office clerk
  • New battery for the Generator
  • New track to the basement garage large gate.


Maria Teresa Vilar, President