Special Magistrate Hearing –

As reported to membership on March 24 via email blast and posted on the Association’s website (attached), Oceanfront Plaza, after attending the March 23 meeting, resumed providing to the City of Miami Beach progress reports sent by the association engineers. These reports are the same that I always forward to membership via email blast as well as upload them to the association’s website (sample attached). Hopefully, unless they want the permit with a final, the Violation US2021-03651 will be closed.

We complied with the 5/18/23 deadline to submit everything ahead of schedule. We are ready now to attend this week’s Special Magistrate hearing via Zoom, this Thursday May 25 at 2:30 PM. Copy of the notice to the hearing is also attached.

Status of the 40-year – Refer to attached permit corrections report sent by the City of Miami Beach. Both electrical and structural call for existing violation US2021-03651 to be closed and, as you know, we are working on it.

Most electrical deficiencies are been addressed, open electrical permits are for the generator, that requires FPL to set a date for us to start and finish in a day, and the other permit is expecting inspections (electrical panels replaced). One of the expired permits was closed already and the other, the electrician is making the corrections with the City of Miami Beach to close it.

Structural – Front driveway plans and scope will be submitted this week by Thornton Tomassetti to the association and AG for a separate contract and permit/work will ensue.

Existing permit includes post tension cables repair and addressing all expansion joints at the upper deck and basement garage.

Balconies Waterproofing: Lines 19, 20, 8 and 9 (except for two units) are complete, line 10 will be finished by June 1, Line 01 should be finished by 6/5/23 and line 2 by 6/9/23. AG is working already on lines 3 and 4 and will move now steadfastly.

Roofs replacement- Contract with Centimark Roofing is now under review by the association attorney as well as DRC’s contract (roofing consultant and project manager). Once contracts are executed by both parties, permitting, initial funding and initial steps of the actual job will ensue.

Insurance hike – QBA did not renew our policy. Citizen is now carrying our windstorm insurance. We are now over our budget for this year as of renewal date of May 15, regarding Insurance. Teresa and yours truly met with the association accountant in order to resolve current year’s portion of that excess since what belongs to 2024 will be addressed during budgeting for that period.

The best plan advised by our accountant was to special assess for a 2023 budgetary deficit of $94,446.52.

Therefor, tentatively by mid June, the board will announce a special assessment meeting to take place on Wednesday July 5, 2023. See Excel attached drafted spreadsheet with the breakdown per unit type for a single payment. That will take care of this year’s rise on insurance cost. This is not yet official, but I thought you should know and be prepared for what to expect.

CONCLUSION – There will always be questions and concerns for we handle a lot of information, all very diverse, coming to us every day. I want to make sure that all the members of this association realize that this administration continues its open doors policy for it brings to me, as well as to the board of directors that you elected, great joy to take your calls and email always.
Do not hesitate to contact me. My personal cellular is open for your calls, texts and voice messages. The number is 305-773-4823. Save it in your cellular.

Thank you for your time
Belinda Behar, LCAM
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